About Us


Fiber ProTector® was established in Norway in 1995 and is available in Europe, the United States, Mexico and most recently in Canada.  


Fiber Protector® of Calgary is owned and operated by Josh and Tova Matchett. Centrally located in Calgary, Alberta, the Company provides cutting-edge fabric protection services to both consumers and businesses across Canada.  


Josh has been a dedicated member of the upholstery industry for 20 years. Exposed to countless protection products throughout his career, Josh stands behind Fiber ProTector® as the superior choice for its quality standards. This product keeps furniture and textiles looking brand new for years and years. It protects any fabric without compromising the look, feel or function – from mohair to silk!     


The product reflects the couple’s passion for excellence and ambition for toxin-free living. Outside of Fiber Protector® of Calgary, Josh and Tova exude passion in raising their four children, cultivating memories and teaching their kids the importance of health and vitality. Tova trusts the Fiber ProTector® brand for two reasons: it’s safe around children and pets, reducing dust and allergens; and, it makes for easy clean-up of spills and everyday messes – allowing her to focus on the important things in life. 



“I’ve been in the upholstery industry for 20 years and I have yet to come across a product that I feel this passionately about – Fiber ProTector® is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.”  

– Josh Matchett, Owner, Fiber ProTector of Calgary®